Everyone loves to feel inspired and to start the day with a great thought.

Many of us worship the sun, especially the sunrise.

The goal of this website is to inspire you with a quote every day!


This is a collection of awesome quotes.

One quote is published every morning at sunrise*. Currently in one language: English. If you want to support the collection with good quotes .

*Sunrise is calculated for Central Europe.


The quotes are published on this website and send via Twitter and Facebook

An API in its early development stages is available.

IFTTT compatibility is planned.


Small picture of Krzysztof Tomasz Zembrowski

Krzysztof Tomasz Zembrowski

Quote enthusiast

Krzysztof is often amazed how few words are needed to inspire action. That's why he collects the best ones and publish them here.

He is based and feeling home in Europe.